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    Frequently asked Questions

    Q. Do your beds come disassembled? – Yes footboard, headboard a pack containing side rails, another for slats. Where there are four posters roof surround and curtain poles, solid roof section for the Bridal and twin side rails for the Cavalier.
    Q. What care is required? – None other than household polish and keep away from direct heat source.
    Q. What mattress does your beds take? – standard UK 5 foot king size and standard UK 6 foot super king.
    Q. What supports the mattress? There are now 11 hardwood slats supported by two centre poles from the headboard to the footboard with legs underneath to support them further so very strong.
    Q. Are your beds solid mahogany or do you use veneers? – Yes 100% solid mahogany we have no use for veneers.
    Q. Do you charge more for delivery of other items – No
    Q. Where is your showroom? – Goyt Mill, Upper Hibbert Lane, Marple, Cheshire, SK6 7HX. (Please come and visit, simply give us a call and also open Saturdays 10am to 4PM)
    Q. How quickly can you deliver? – We try to deliver within 10 working days, for our own benefit as well as the customer we try to deliver each week as cleared payment is received.
    Q. Can you make a bed design for us? – Generally speaking no, to have a new bed design costs several times what we retail, several versions are made and often several are discarded in reaching these samples which we then often have to modify the design. Unlike mass machine made furniture where designs are CAD CAM based and computer driven the hand making process is a much more involved process of evolution. How ever we are always looking for new designs if you have pictures of beds you have seen and liked or your own designs please submit them and we will consider each, if selected we shall make available to you at a discounted rate.
    Q. Is every bed completely hand made or is there a part machine process – No machines are used all carvings no matter how intricate and chassis of the beds are all done by hand.

    Q. What is the difference between waxed mahogany and your finish? – A longer answer please see our ‘8 step 7 day finish’

    Q. Do you deliver? – Yes we do local deliveries within 30 miles ourselves in a carpet lined van with in built battening for tie points each item is furniture blanket wrapped and then strapped securely to ensure your furniture arrives exactly as it leaves us. National deliveries are via a National independent courier experienced in handling our furniture in exactly the same way as us. There is no off loading to depots and movement to other vans this is the most common cause of damage in transit so we avoid it completely, all goods are insured in transit for damage and loss.

    Q. We don’t need delivery for a while and not sure of when we will need it can you help?

    A frequent question, often customers want to buy bedroom furniture in preparation for a new house move or move abroad. With completion dates often moving we are happy to hold stock purchased until you are ready to take delivery.

    Q. What care does your furniture require? – Only a waxed base aerosol furniture polish is required as you deem necessary. The finish is tough and hard wearing and does not need the quarterly arduous beeswax treatment as needed on a waxed finish piece of furniture.

    Q. How long can we expect the furniture to last? – If treated with care and not abused longer than your lifetime, our furniture is solid mahogany kiln dried hardwood with a very hard wearing finish. There is no MDF to damage or veneer to scratch through or peel off or softwoods in any part of construction. The bed and bedroom furniture with care should last generations.

    Q How will central heating affect our furniture? – All wood whether kiln dried or air dried over 20 years will be affected by dramatic changes in it’s environment it is a natural material and as such is effected by fluctuations in temperatures and moisture levels over a long period of time. Expansion and contraction is natural in natural wood, but as long as you do not submit your furniture to extremes in temperature and moisture over extended periods the furniture will not be affected. Central heating will not affect our furniture and with our 7 day finish the wood is sealed and so is far better protected from changes in its environment. In fact thermostatically controlled homes are ideal storage conditions.

    Q. What if we do not like our furniture and does not meet our expectations? – We endeavour with our picture policy and descriptions to represent our furniture to the point of ‘what you see is what you get’ and there should be little room left for your expectations to be different from what we represent. In the case of this not happening we will accept returns provided they are in the same condition as sent and we are given notice within 7 days of receipt of goods. We can not accept responsibility for accidental damage to items during assembly and movement to appropriate rooms in your home.

    Q. What tools are required to assemble your beds? – A thin screwdriver or nail punch to tighten our custom made bolts beyond this nothing else.

    Q. How do the beds go together? – As these are handmade beds nothing is made complicated as is often the way with mass manufactured dept store furniture. The four posters can be dismantled in parts essentially you have a separate footboard headboard side rails and slats each is obvious as to what they are where they go and how they go together. There are male/female brackets in each side rail and footboard and headboard with a securing bolt that is as complicated as it gets.

    Q. Do you assemble the beds? – For local deliveries we are happy to help, we advise customers to help us or watch so you know how to disassemble. For national deliveries our courier would require expensive additional insurance which would affect the delivery charges we endeavor to operate with the lowest overheads and invest more heavily in the stock funding new designs etc. Please be aware that with just a little thought it is obvious how the beds go together but we are always here to help on the phone and can be reached out side of office hours.
    Q. Can we visit your showroom and out of business hours? – Absolutely! We positively encourage you to view the furniture and beds for your self. We are open to the Public fixed hours on Saturdays 10am to 4 pm if this time is not suitable many do come mid week after work just give us a call and let us know and we can open up for you. You will be left to browse and have a hassle free experience we dislike ‘pushy’ sales methods from others so do not impose such methods on our customers.

    If there are any questions you feel are unanswered then please feel free to e-mail us on [email protected] or call 01663 762 008 / 07963 452 187.

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