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Cavalier Sleigh Bed

We hope you enjoy our site, we have gone to great lengths to enable you to assess quality and value through information relating to the provenance of our furniture, instead of relying on brand name and a move away from the perception of value created by strong branding with no substance.

At HQF Ltd we have a range of handmade traditionally fully cabinet made, wooden Sleigh Beds, (including dowel locked mortise tenon joints not just dovetails) and wooden Four Poster Beds. Many are unique to Heirloom Beds, the greatest value lies in the honest traditional way in which they are made, that those in the know have always accepted would require a premium price. Despite this, we are the importer and sell direct to you, we are able to offer prices and value the high street cannot match against our manufacturing specification. This is what separates us from wooden Sleigh Beds and Four Posters sold on the high street and web. We also have a range of French beds, also cabinet made and hand finished. It is also our finish methods that are applied by hand, requiring a minimum of 2 weeks and 30 to 40 stages to complete, depending on the finish. This is in contrast to bees waxed (high maintenance) finish and a machine sprayed finish, found on mass manufactured machine made beds. Please see our Quality Value guide to fully understand the difference in what we do. Best Regards HQF Ltd