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Bedroom Furniture

You can order any size in any finish - We have never believed in bedroom furniture 'ranges' that is the reserve of retailers that want to tie you in. If a piece of furniture is good quality made well and looks fantastic, can be appreciated on it's own then you can co-ordinate rather than trying to match.

Then you will always have furniture that you enjoy and can add to when you feel you see a piece that works in your room. So if you see a bedroom chair on your travels that co-ordinates well with our furniture go for it!

Furnishing your home should be similar to the way most co ordinate there clothes, how many of you are wearing 1 retailer's clothes under and over in 1 colour and 1 style as you read this? Not many I suspect so why do it with furniture?

We hope you enjoy our furniture all are made the same way with the same hand applied techniques and please use our 'Quality Value Guide' to understand what you are buying and what you are getting for your hard earned money.

Our bedroom furniture designs are unique to HQF Ltd offering new designs, better build quality, and our finish that shows off the natural character and beauty of mahogany protecting the wood for a lifetime offering a value equation that stands out above the rest wooden bedroom furniture. We are passionate about the visual impact our wooden bedroom furniture creates as well as the quality of the bedroom furniture.